For You

This is always for you, you know who you are.

We all have parents, that’s a given. Maybe one day you’ll be one or perhaps you already are. If so, welcome to the journey.

As a parent it is crucial to keep a pulse on the child you once were… try to forget that lie we all tell ourselves, the one where we think we are grown up and mature. Childhood is a mysterious treasure trove of information that we should all dive into daily. As we get older we often catch a glimpse of the secrets our childhood memories hold, these are often the gems that will make you an impressive parent or a radical child.

Once we start growing up we begin to realize that every single one of us is broken in some way or another. We break every day and also rebuild ourself every day. We are all incredibly unique, yet all so similar. You may have found all the pieces and put your life back together but remember that someone is still broken, searching for the pieces and they need all the help they can get.

You Broke It To Learn?

The word Broken was a transformative word in my childhood home. Nothing was ever broken forever, never beyond repair. It simply meant, “Dad can help fix it!”

Those fortunate souls able to witness my dad’s magical ability to fix it all, were perplexed. Often annoyed that their parents didn’t really try to fix anything of theirs. But their parents had their own strengths to work with which my parents lacked.

Childhood was time spent experimenting with dad. Occasionally breaking things to see how they really worked and what it would take to put them back together.

While growing up with this father figure in my life I learned more than just the ability to fix the shattered material world… this also extended into one of my father’s true passions, the comprehension of words and their deep connection to the world. Dismantling words was peculiar yet taught me the intimate relationship every single word has.

The relationship of words and the connections they create in our life gives us a greater understanding of what is really possible. Possibilities beyond words.

A brief example is to shatter the above word, ‘Broken’ and see what we can find.

Broken comes from the Latin word ‘Frangere’ meaning ‘To Break’ which was itself created from the Latin word ‘Fragilis‘ meaning ‘Morally Weak, Liable To Break’ the word we now refer to as, Fragile.

Understand: Anything that is Broken can be made whole, anything that is weak can be made strong and anything that is fragile can be made flexible and resilient.

Examine Your Childhood

We were all raised in a myriad of complex ways, we all have different strengths and weaknesses.

Now as an adult, view your childhood. Your life or that of your own child, what are the weak points that need attention? What aspects of character are morally weak? What have you have observed but not acted on? Are you or your loved ones Liable To Break in any way shape or form?

Whatever your answers may be, you know what is possible.

Respond with ability and fix it.



This post is in response to the Daily Writing Prompt Broken

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  1. You have the amazing ability to discover the positive and deeper meanings in everyday life. This post helped me realize how important it is to build and encourage every soul I touch.

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