Hawaiian Meditation: Boost Your Creativity With The Seven Principles of Huna

Hawaii tourism set new records over the past few years with an incredible 9 million visitors in 2016. This number is continuing to grow each year. 

So… chances are, you have either been to Hawaii on vacation or are planning a trip at some point in the future.

One of the areas I specialize in is Travel; specifically helping people Travel to Hawaii. This is my home and I love these islands!

Over the past year I have helped literally thousands of people enjoy their own custom Hawaiian experiences and in doing so I have learned a lot about the islands and the fascinating culture.

I take the time to study and learn about the places that I live and travel to. This is an extremely important thing to do, not only to memorize the streets with a map but to understand where you are in the world and the history, and culture of that location.

In taking the time to study these islands I discovered the sacred nature of these islands along with the spiritual art and science of the Ancient Hawaiians, called Huna. The Seven Principles of Huna are what I will teach you today. They are designed as a powerful mediation or journaling session that I highly suggest you try.

Be open minded to this Hawaiian Meditation as it may be quite different than your own way of life or beliefs. Take a moment to participate in this meditation/journaling activity and experience the incredible boost of creativity, joy, and self-expression it has to offer.

“Modern physics is describing what the ancient wisdom keepers of the americas have long known. These shamans, known as ‘the Earth-keepers,’ say that we’re dreaming the world into being through the very act of witnessing it.”

– Alberto Villoldo –

The Seven Principles of Huna: Healing With The Subtle Energy Of Aloha

In her book, The Subtle Body Practice Manual, Cindi Dale explains the Seven Principles of Huna: ’The spiritual art and science of the ancient Hawaiians, now called Huna, was originally called Ho’omana. Ho’o means “to make,” and mana means “life force.” Mana is equivalent to shakti in Sanskrit, chi in Taoism, and ki in Japanese martial arts. In essence, the word Ho’omana means “empowerment” – to be empowered by spirit. The kahunas are shamans who carry the power and the beauty of the Huna traditions.

In the tradition of Huna healing and prayer, you carefully form thoughts that clarify what you are ready to release and that call forth what you want to manifest. Creating a clear picture in your mind, you increase mana and send the new thought forms along your aka cords, the etheric cords that connect everything and everyone through love to the lower self (the subconscious mind, known as unihipili). The lower self then carries them along the aka cords to the higher self (the aumakua). In addition to the higher self, aumakua refers the the “family gods,” our spiritual ancestors that act as guides and healers. Often appearing as animals, such as owls, turtles, and sharks, their presence and counsel is sought during times of crisis and celebration.

Inspiredly the kahunas’ tradition of clarifying thoughts, the following exercise is a meditative journaling process based on the seven principles of Huna:

Ike: The world is what you think it is.

– Kala: There are no limits; everything is possible.

– Makia: Energy flows where attention goes. 

– Manama: Now is the moment of power. 

– Aloha: To love is to be happy with. 

– Mana: All power comes from within. 

– Pono: Effectiveness is the measure of truth. 

Clearing The Path: A Huna Process

This exercise can help you access your inner wisdom. As you move through the questions, write down the answers in a journal as they arise. Remember to breathe as you do so.

If you are guiding a client through these questions, allow time for their answers to emerge. You may want to gently repeat the questions a few times to evoke the responses that will help clear the path internally and externally – for healing, for manifestation, or for personal and spiritual development of any kind.

Finding Stillness: Find a quiet place where you can be undisturbed for ten to twenty minutes. Ask your higher self to quiet the voices of fear, guilt, or shame so that you may be free to heal and transform.

The Questions: Reread each of the Huna Principles in turn, then ask the questions pertaining to each, allowing answers to arise from a deep place within.

– The world is what you think it is: If the world is a mirror of my thoughts, what thought or belief is the world mirroring back to me right now?

– There are no limits; everything is possible: In what area of my life am I experiencing limitation? And what possibility would I like to open up to?

– Energy flows where attention goes: Where am I placing the majority of my attention right now? How do I feel about the effect that placement is having on my energy flow?

– Now is the moment of power: In what area of my life or in what specific situation do I need to reclaim my power? Where do I need to activate my power?

– To love is to be happy with: What am I most grateful for right now? Where in my life is the light of love shining brightest?

– All power comes from within: What aspect of my internal power is calling on me to embody it more fully or to own it?

– Effectiveness is the measure of truth: What truth is reflected to me in the part of my life where I’m most ineffective right now? Where I’m spinning my wheels or experiencing failure? And what truth is reflected to me in the part of my life where I’m most effective right now? Where things are unfolding in a harmonious way?

Closing Prayer: After you read through the answers, say a prayer of thanks, affirming that the honesty and power of your answers are now clearing a new path for you, making room for the arrival of new experiences, new opportunities, and new heights of love. Know that the spirit of aloha is caressing your life at this very moment.

Next time you travel to the Hawaiian Islands or hear the word ‘Aloha’ it will have a deeper meaning to you.

This Hawaiian culture is teeming with love, happiness and a pure expression of gratitude that has literally spread throughout the world! Share this with others and plan your next trip to the Hawaiian Islands to experience this healthy environment.

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