HECO Re-Opens Solar Grid For Oahu Home Owner's!

- CALL (808)727-1658 FOR FREE ESTIMATE -
- CALL (808)727-1658 FOR FREE ESTIMATE -

If you happen to live or own a property on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu this pertains to you.

For home owners that already have the info you need and want to dive right in, to reserve your spot on the Oahu Solar Grid, here are your contact options:

  • Email me for a free Solar Proposal, Roof Estimate, Home Remodel Design or to schedule a free Roof Wind Damage Inspection.
  • Or you can Call or Text for more information.

For new visitors to the website, I am a local resident of Oahu, an Entrepreneur and Athlete.

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With the average single family home utility bill on Oahu reaching more than $700 per month... now may be the best time for you to begin learning more about your home's Solar options and quickly reserve a spot on the Oahu Solar Grid before HECO (Hawaiian Electric Company) closes that door of opportunity once again.

We all know the cost of living on Oahu is much higher than most of the country so naturally most of us have at least one line of work... if not two or three.

This page is focused on spreading the word about my main line of work, our local Oahu based business: SKYTA Solar, Construction & Roofing

At SKYTA we help you improve your home’s overall value. Specializing in Solar PV Design and Install, Solar Hot Water, Roofing, Home Remodels and even Storm Restoration.

Whatever it is you want done to your home, we can make it happen.

The proof is in our track record. A+rating through The Better Business Bureau & Five Stars on Yelp to name a few. Our commitment to maintaining a higher standard is one of the main reasons why we stand apart from other locally owned and operated businesses and a big reason why we are partnered with Tesla and are the Oahu preferred vendor for State Farm, Liberty Mutual, USAA, Allstate and many others.

As a home owner in Paradise we all know the pros and cons that come with the beauty and perks of living here on Oahu. Although the perks of living on a tropical island far out weigh the cons, we still need to take into account everything we have the ability to improve and be as proactive as possible.

We all want to improve the value of our homes over time, however, living on a tropical island we must take into account the structural and sustainable integrity of our homes along with monitoring our homes energy efficiency.

Consider these questions:

  • How steep is your utility bill?
    • Are your HECO Bills on average more than $200 each month?
    • Have you calculated the amount you pay HECO over a five year period?
    • Did you know with Solar, your energy bill would be reduced to half of what you are currently paying?
    • Did you know that with Solar you can receive checks from HECO each month instead of paying HECO?
    • Did you know you can have Solar installed by having your Utility payments transferred to cover the Solar replacement each month?
  • How about the roof on your home?
    • Is your roof missing shingles or leaking?
    • Did you know that if you are missing shingles or have micro leaks you possibly qualify for a free roof replacement? This is important to understand! We can help with the process.
  • How about storms?
    • Can your home withstand a strong tropical storm or even a Hurricane?
    • Could your roof come apart or leak during a storm?
    • Did you know that during storm power outages homes with solar continue to have power?

I point out these questions because this is what we help home owners understand every day and every day our customers are shocked at what they didn’t know about the industry.

The average utility bill for home owners on O’ahu is over $700 each month, this single statistic is a great  reason to switch to a more cost effective way of living. Or at the very least learn more about available options.

If you would like to have a proposal generated for your home or if you would like to hear more about our Solar program and other services we offer please contact me here:

Always with Aloha!

- M.G. Murdock