The Year To Get On Track Using Goal Systems

We all have goals, today mine is to write my first blog post on successfully tackling a goal.

The first Blog Post, I have been told, is the most important post as it sets the pace for all future content. So here we go! 

“I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by conscious endeavor.” 

– Henry David Thoreau –

With the New year quickly approaching I have decided to write my very first blog post on one of my favorite topics, Responsibility and Goal Achievement!

Just as Thoreau taught that we have ‘the unquestionable ability to elevate our life by conscious endeavor’ I believe that we not only have the ability to elevate our lives, but that it is our duty to do so. We take full responsibility for our life by using the ability we have to elevate our life and fulfill our potential.

Writing New Years Resolutions, now a yearly ritual for most of the United States, is a great topic to introduce my website and blog. New Years is still a few weeks away which gives me plenty of time to deconstruct the concept of Goal Setting and introduce you to the idea of creating Goal Systems for this New Year of 2018.

The co-founder and first CEO of Nature’s Way is the man that taught me the art of creating Personal Goal Systems. He has been my Mentor throughout life and I share in this article how he became a millionaire and achieved success using Personal Goal Systems.

My goal in writing this article today is to give you a head start in 2018 and help you make this the most productive, exciting and fulfilling year of your Life!

Question: ‘What is a Resolution? And… What is the origin and true nature of this word?’

When attempting to learn any topic it is crucial to deconstruct it then piece everything back together with a renewed understanding of the life, history and origin of the topic.

I love to do this with words.

Language is the foundation of history and the history of communication, just as sediment is the history of matter.

To understand the English language I choose to study Ancient Latin and as I do I am fascinated with the deep truth it reveals.

According to our current dictionaries, ‘over 60% of all English words have Greek or Latin roots. When studying the vocabulary used in the Sciences and Technology the figure rises to over 90 percent!’ This is something most of us did not learn in grade school.

The word ‘Resolution’ comes from the Latin word, ‘Resolvere’ which in Latin means:

To express intensive force in order to loosen or release.

This is a fitting expression for the act of affirming new possibilities for ourselves each year. If you grasp what this ancient root means, you have the key to changing and improving your life for the better.

Resolve right now to do something great, something that you have never done before and we will work through it right now.

When peeling an Orange, sometimes it is hard to break through the thick layer of the skin. However, based on our knowledge of working with and eating oranges in the past, we have built up a mental representation of the inner workings of the orange and know that there is a small air pocket near the stem where, with a small amount of pressure, the Orange peel will crack and allow you to begin the peeling process to reveal the fruit within.

Are you on track to achieve each goal that you set out to accomplish in 2017?

This is a simple Yes or No question… give yourself the respect you deserve and Be Honest with yourself… How have you done this year?

If you answered ‘No’ to the above, don’t fret. You have just received your personal cue that it’s time to Respond with Ability this year, and create the change you want to experience!

As Tony Robbins often says,

“Motion creates emotion!”

Beginning with our Physical Health and Fitness Goals we are going to jump right in and begin your change immediately by taking action right now! I know what you are thinking but do it anyway, you know it will be worth it. Get in the push-up position right now, and do as many push-ups as you can until you cannot physically do one more.

Keep track of how many push ups you’re able to do.

This is to get you out of your comfort zone and get your blood flowing to generate some excellent ideas as you read.

If you are in a place that this isn’t easily done, cruise to a nearby stairwell so you can bust out some memorable push-ups that you will literally remember forever. If you followed through with this exercise I want you to know that I am extremely proud of you! As awkward as you may have felt for a moment, you just took the first step in the Personal Goal System towards achieving the Goal Of Becoming Physically Fit! If you do as many push-ups as you just did, day after day for one year, you will become more physically fit.

So how did you do? Whatever your number is, it isn’t relevant right this moment. What is relevant is whether or not you want to improve your ability to do more, to become stronger, to be able to support your body easily and utilize the power of gravity to strengthen your core.

How do you feel now? What is your emotional state right this moment?

If you didn’t follow through with doing the push-ups I will give you one more opportunity to do them again right now. If you absolutely can’t for some reason or physically can’t, no worries, do them when the time is right.

The individuals that do follow through with this right now or in a few moments, are the achievers. I hope you are one of them! If so, you will succeed despite all odds because you are willing to work hard and try new things!

For this I am proud of you!

Congratulations on changing your state of mind. You just participated in a Mind over Matter experiment, your body obviously being the Matter that you can choose to change and improve every moment of the day.

You have just successfully elevated your emotional, physical and psychological state of well-being.

So, to stay in the flow of your conscious endeavor, I want you to know and feel with all that you are that this is your year! Think about your future in the positive mental state of mind that you have right now.

This is your year to get on track and stay on track year after year after year. You are about to begin a journey of achievement, of fulfillment, taking on every goal, habit, behavior and ability you desire with a new certainty that you already possess your goals. This is the power of creating and utilizing a Personal Goal System.

“When I look at the future, it’s so bright it burns my eyes!”

– Oprah Winfrey –

We are quickly approaching the New Year and as we do, we often visualize a repeating stream of experiences that most of us look forward to.

Along with the usual introspective period, we must take some time to analyze how we did throughout the previous year.

Did we accomplish everything we set out to do?

This is the time of year for high quality vacation time off, time to enjoy the company of family and friends during the holidays, maybe the opportunity to travel the world, attend a New Year’s celebration with our favorite people and finally the highly-anticipated brain storming session of materializing our New Year’s resolutions on paper.

We have all done the last-minute resolution list at one point or another… or at least seen others do this.

The New Year arrives, so we pick up a pen and paper to set some radical goals for the year. Once we’re finished with our list we typically take it home and put it in a place where we will see it every day – the bathroom mirror or bedroom closet door tend to be the most common locations for this.

When did this become a habit for us?

An accurate guess would be that we picked it up by watching our family do this year after year.

As a young child I would watch my eight siblings, all their friends and the random party guests that came to our home for New Year’s Celebrations write down their goals like clock-work. As the days churned through each year I began to realize that the large majority of these people I looked up to didn’t even come close to achieving the goals they set, if any at all. This puzzled me as a child and made me wonder if the goals I had been aiming for were too simple since I was able to realize quite a few of my young athletic aspirations.

I later learned that goal complexity increases with age.

“Look at what the majority of people are doing and do the exact opposite, and you’ll probably never go wrong for as long as you live.”

– Earl Nightingale –

There was one individual that I looked up to as a child, more than any other. He operated at a higher level than the majority of the people in my life and he did the exact opposite of what the majority of the world considers as the norm.

I observed this man’s ability to accomplish every single goal he set his sights on, year after year after year. I watched him carefully and sought his advice since it was obvious to me that he knew what he was doing. Through my eyes I realized that he must have known how to play the game of life.

He didn’t write his goals down on New Year’s Day because he had done this the previous month and the month before that. Which was only a renewal of his 7-year Personal Goal System. He wrote everything by hand, documented and planned out far in advance, and when the new year came all he did was review his Goal Systems and confirm that these Goals still resonated with his Life Design for the coming year.

This man became the greatest Mentor of my Life and has changed my life and continues to every single day. This is the man that taught me The Art of Creating Personal Goal Systems to achieve each Goal we aspire to manifest.

In Stephen Covey’s #1 National bestselling book, ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ he sheds light on the importance of utilizing our ability to write by hand, “Just as breathing exercises help integrate body and mind, writing is a kind of psycho-neural muscular activity which helps bridge and integrate the conscious and subconscious minds. Writing distills, crystalizes, and clarifies thought and helps break the whole into parts.” 

His creative and simple-to-use Goal System is what I am going to share with you throughout this article, so that you can create a life you love, a life of happiness, success, joy and abundance. A life by design. Every good thing you desire to experience is possible and well within reach.

To understand the effectiveness of this Goal System I will explain to you what it has achieved.

I now introduce you to my life-long friend and Mentor, George Thomas Murdock.

His Quest was pure from the very beginning.

In 1968, my mentor, along side his brother and father, began an exploration to improve his mother’s declining health. After relying on conventional medical options without success, they took a leap of faith in traditional Native American knowledge utilizing the healing power of plants growing near their Arizona home of the American southwest. As a result, his mother’s health improved and she lived another 25 years.

Their quest led to an herbal renaissance in America and the creation of Nature’s Way®. By 1969, they were providing eight new herbal remedies to the Nation. Now, nearly 50 years later, Nature’s Way® is the preeminent brand of quality dietary supplements sold worldwide.

During his success as Founder and CEO of ‘Nature’s Way,’ he went on to create multiple countercyclical businesses, becoming the CEO and President of ‘Miller’s Honey Company,’ ‘Murdock International’ and ‘Rainy Day Foods,’ which became the leading food storage company of the Nation and introduced his success as a featured young entrepreneur in Forbe’s and Play Boy, back when Play Boy had a large section focused on Business, Entrepreneurs and Leadership. Maintaining the stability and growth of a handful of multi-million dollar companies, he was awarded a position in YPO (The Young Presidents Organization) opening a chapter in the Western Hemisphere which expanded his sphere of influence and gave him the opportunity to meet thousands of influential individuals from all corners of the globe, he raced in Hawaii’s Iconic Kona Ironman, achieved his dream to fly by becoming a private pilot along with purchasing his dream plane, and then continued to achieve goal after goal, securing luxury real estate properties, sailing across the pacific ocean port to port successfully learning and understanding the art of sailing. His greatest achievement was in doing all of this while balancing and maintaining a healthy family life by helping his supportive wife in the raising of their nine children. He is a self-made achiever that was born into poverty and made a promise, a Resolution to himself that his children would experience a better childhood than he did. His dreams were realized and he continues to influence thousands everywhere he goes.

My Mentor’s success is transparent and awe-inspiring and is living proof that success can be accomplished through hard work, serving others and consistently following a self-designed Personal Goal System.

George Thomas Murdock is a rare man of Integrity, my Greatest Mentor, my close Friend and my Hero. He is My father.

His methods for success are simple to understand and quick to implement into your own life.

The Goal System he used to achieve all of the above is similar in nature to that of the Captain of a Ship creating a ‘Map for the Voyage’ or the Pilot of an Airplane following a ‘Detailed Flight Plan.’

See in your mind’s eye yourself as The Captain or Pilot and all that goes into planning for a Voyage across the Ocean or a Flight around the World. These are trips of immense proportion!

This is the Journey of Life and we are the Navigators traveling toward our destiny.

Over the years I have witnessed lulls in many individual’s lives, as well as my own, simply by the struggle in not accomplishing the goals we set.

When we aim for a goal and fail to achieve it over the span of a year, it is a major slap in the face… and most of the time, we are shocked to our very core with confusion… a shock that we must address and repair right now, by committing to achieve at the very least 90% of all goals we set from this moment forward.

This is more than possible, it is your duty.

Granted there are different types of Goals, we all know what they are:

  • Short Term Goals: Quick to accomplish within a day… maybe as long as a week at the most. These are fuel and motivation for achieving the larger goals. These are tasks, chores, small personal victories in the daily schedule which form the Habits that build a bridge to our Dream!
    • These are simple Daily Actions: Going to bed early, waking up early, eating healthier, exercising for a few minutes, reading ten pages of a book, writing three pages of a book you’ve had the idea to write, going the extra mile at work to increase your value, being a better influence to the people around you, enjoying a hobby, learning a new sport and staying hydrated. They are small, simple goals that have the power to change your future in an unbelievable way.
  • Mile Stone Goals: Take one, two or three months to reach. Once reached they raise you to a new level, give you a fresh perspective of possibilities that act as a bench mark or Level of progression that you can confidently stand upon. These offer the satisfaction and inspiration that you are getting closer to your Long Term Goals, evidence that they are possible and the opportunity to make minor course corrections to reach your next Mile Stone Goal!
    • These are Realization of the Power of your Short Term Daily Actions: You have peace of mind, you feel healthier, you have more energy, you feel and look more fit, you don’t get sick like you occasionally used to, you are making a better income, you have a magnetized personality, you have more friends and a better social life, your hobby has improved and so have you.
  • Long Term Goals: These are the massive goals that are built upon a few well maintained Short Term Goals. They take daily commitment, with a life span anywhere from a single year to five, ten or twenty years to reach. Long Term Goals obviously hold the greatest value once achieved simply due to their nature of utilizing The Force of Compounding.
    • These are Compounded Moments of Personal Mastery: You are now the greatest version of yourself, you have a library of the hundreds or thousands of books that you have read simply by reading every day, the three pages you wrote each day eventually turned into a few successful books that you are now the author of, your working hard over the years allowed you to climb the ladder of financial growth now with the ability to employ and serve others as well as fund the life of your dreams, your habit of being a better influence to the people around you has earned you a balanced family life and expanded your influence building a network of friends and individuals from around the world that admire you for leading by example, what was once a hobby is now skill you have crafted into a work of art, the sport you sought to learn has transformed you into a world class athlete. And as always, the Hydration paid off.

The shock of unachieved goals hits us hard because we all know that we have the Ability and Capacity to do anything to which we set our minds!

Our brains process this yearly information when we reach or are approaching the following New Year:

The amount of time to accomplish the Goals Set from the 1st day of 2017, to the 1st day of 2018:

        • 12 months
        • 52.14 Weeks
        • 365 Days
        • 8,760 Hours
        • 525,600 Minutes
        • 31,536,000 Seconds

Looking at these numbers can be shocking in itself to realize the abundance of time that we have each year. If we have not achieved our Goals within this window of time our Brain may ask us:

“Have we been in a coma for a year? No!? Well… what have you been doing with all this time!?”

When we look at the numbers and compare the time we have, to the goals we have set, it is astounding that many of us let time and right action slip through our fingers.

A common internal reply to this is that we are just too busy with life, work, school, family and friends.

You’re busy, I get it… I am too… Question: Have you ever been too busy driving to stop and put gas in your vehicle? Too busy to have your vehicle serviced, tuned up and inspected?

We all know we have the time to do more, it just needs to be a priority deeply planted in our mind.

If the vehicle scenario doesn’t do it for you think about a computer and the software updates each system requires over time. Or maybe you upgrade to a new device and operating system which requires you to take some down time to learn how to navigate and utilize this new technology as the Master User that you are.

Everything needs maintenance or issues begin to arise. You should look at your life through a similar lens.

Take into account that right this moment you are operating the most valuable vehicle in the Universe – The Human Body!

Your body and mind are your life-long assets. your very own unique vehicle to explore and experience the reality of Earth and express your personality to the world.

This vehicle is connecting you to your massive network of relationships and supplying you with an infinite number of opportunities to grow and become the best version of you!

It’s time to slow down prior to this new year and really process your life. I have seen too many people find themselves grown up and wonder what happened, wonder where all the time went and why in the world they weren’t able to actualize all of their dreams.

I offer you a solution to get back on track.

Personal Goal Systems vs. Goal Setting 

  • Goal Setting: We all know what it is but do we know what it isn’t? Goal setting is only a pixel in the pristine resolution of the screen of a Goal System. Goal setting is great, and a large part of the process but it is simply that, a part of a larger process. It is only focusing on the end result without committing to a well-defined plan.
  • Goal Systems: This concept may be the fresh start that you have been looking for. We have reviewed the concept in quite a few ways throughout this article to get the idea across that you must create a Goal System if you want to reach your goals effectively. Creating Goal Systems means mapping of the entire byway. The Captain of a ship maintains an accurate heading throughout the voyage. The Pilot monitors all of the instruments, Maps and communication systems in the Cockpit making minute course corrections throughout the duration of each flight.
  • The Harmony of Goal Systems: Goal Setting and Goal Systems are not two competing concepts. It’s not one versus the other; it is understanding the importance of both. They complement and communicate with one another just as the lighthouse communicates with the ship at sea until it has entered the safety of the harbor.

When we look at the Captain of a Ship or the Pilot of an Airplane we recognize that these are simple to understand examples of life-altering positions of precision.

These are individuals that take 100% Responsibility before they even think about stepping into their vessel – life or death examples of responsibility considering how many people and crew members are on board with them.

Now think about it for a few moments in a parallel comparison with your life. If you have a spouse and/or children to provide for, think on it even longer since you are the source of their life.

I hope you are beginning to sense the level of Responsibility that you need to take for your life. This is your life and you need to take the right actions consistently to have a body and mind that are healthy, strong and capable of performing the amazing things you showed up on Earth to do. Once you do that everything else seems to fall into place. 

A healthy body is a healthy mind and when your body and mind are in order your life is in order. You think clearly, you communicate clearly and you produce actions consistent with the clarity of your heart and mind.

Your life influences everyone in the world, whether you realize it right now or not. We are a part of humanity and we are all in this together. You may have within you an idea that the world has been waiting a lifetime to receive, an idea that can improve the lives of hundreds, thousands, millions or billions of people. As you improve the life of one person you send forth a reverberating ripple that never ends!

As conscious, capable individuals living at a time when we can be, do and become the greatest version of ourselves let us wake up to our abilities and begin to design our lives.

On our personal voyage of life, we acknowledge our past strengths and weaknesses, learn from them all and now focus on what we have to do right here, right now! Today!

Albert Einstein is said to have called, “The power of Compound interest the greatest force in the Universe.” And in his words, “Compound interest is the Eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it… he who doesn’t… pays it.”

Final Questions and Actions:

      • I SUGGEST you grab a pen and paper.
      • Write down your answers to the following questions.
      • Time to set some foundational baseline goals. 

Look at the idea of Compound Interest in every aspect of our life. This can and should be very enlightening and can accelerate the way we approach this new year. It is common sense. Everything is Cause and Effect.

If you eat three big macs every day for a whole year you know what the result will be.

Committing to a ‘Baseline Rhythm’ within your Goal System is a helpful way to stay on track for those times that life gets too busy to do what matters most.

We aren’t setting extreme goals here, we are creating a Super Simple Daily Goal System that you know you can commit to achieving every single day:

      • Personal Goals
        • Sleep: Select a Bedtime and Wake time. If your goal is to be in bed by 9pm set your baseline goal as something realistic for you to achieve. Maybe 10pm. Same goes for Wake time, if you have a goal to wake at 4am but fight the snooze button for three hours have goals that gradually pull your wake time from 6am towards your 4am goal using 5 minute increments each week. Setting one alarm and putting it where you have to walk to to turn it off will ensure your success.
        • Physical Fitness: Create a baseline fitness routine that you can do anywhere. Calisthenics is what I do as my Baseline, anything extra is compound interest. Remember the Push-ups you did earlier? How many did you do? That is your baseline number to stick with for now. If it is below 20 aim for 20, just continue to work your way up. With that number you are going to use it to do that many jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups, squats and then end by holding yourself in the push-up position for that number of seconds. If your number is twenty you just did 80 repetitions of four exercises with a fifth core exercise that you held for 20 seconds… all of this using your own body weight. Remember this is just a simple, basic exercise regimen that you can do while you are brushing your teeth in the morning.


    • Nutrition: We will keep it simple by committing to eat more veggies, nuts and fruit every day.
      • Hydration: Drink one gallon of good filtered water throughout the day.
      • Psychological: Pick one book to read and commit to reading 5 to 10 pages every day. This compounds into around five books per year depending the length of the books.
      • Daily Tracking: Commit to writing everyday, whether it is just a short note about the day or an idea that came to mind. Make a habit of writing and keep track of your progress.
    • Social Goals
      • Revitalize Your Relationships: Commit to doing more for the people you love, care for and so often take for granted. That’s why it’s called a family: familiar. Take time to communicate everyday your gratitude for the people in your life, home, work and play. Lead by example and talk to more people every day. In passing, smile to people and acknowledge their existence. That alone can change a life.
    • Financial Goals
      • Create Value: Just work a little harder each day. Do more than you are paid for to enhance your value to your employer.
      • Break ONE Bad Spending Habit: If you have a daily beverage of choice that you purchase each day, recognize that over the span of a year that drink compounds into an amount that could purchase a new vehicle.
      • Create ONE extra source of income: The Best tool for this is to figure out how your personal hobby can make you some extra money. Do this and your hobby may become your new profession.
    • Mindfulness
      • Zen: is Meditation in motion and walking barefoot in nature is considered a form of Zen Meditation. Whatever form of Meditation you prefer, make it a habit even if it’s only for a few minutes. Commit to it.

Creative thinking and consistent acting is all you need to do every day. There are simple ways to be fit, healthy, have amazing relationships and improve your finances as long as you are willing to try new things and be open to suggestions.

Have you responded with ability today? Did you wake up early, excited to live your life or did you hit the snooze button a few times?

Even though you are busy did you take the time to do your mandatory 20 jumping jacks, push ups, sit ups, squats and core hold that take a few minutes to do or did you procrastinate the idea all throughout the day?

Are you hydrated right now?

What did you eat today?

Did you have an option to eat something healthier?

We are the thread that weaves through the fabric of life. The design our thread creates is entirely up to us, however, it is intertwined with the threads of others, whether we acknowledge this or not. As we begin to understand how important our influence upon each other is we begin to tap into our desire to serve everyone and begin to experience the tapestry of life together.

If you can’t do something for an individual you care for do the thing with them. Teach them, inspire them, then learn from them and be inspired by them.

I wish I could Wake you up early each day to help you be excited to live your life, but since I don’t know your phone number all I can do is remind you that tomorrow is a new day and that you should wake up ready to participate!

I wish I could eat healthy for you, but all I can do is eat healthy with you by giving you ideas and nutritional suggestions that have worked for me.

I wish I could exercise for you, but all I can do is exercise with you by sharing my passion for health and fitness through the art of my own Re-Creational activities.

I wish I could revitalize your relationships for you but all I can do is remind you that it’s worth it by giving you a few creative tools to interact in a unique way with the people that you care about, the people that rely on you to succeed.

I wish I could improve your finances for you but all I can do is show you that there is another way by helping you recognize your three coffees a day equals a BMW in a few years and that your passionate hobby that you are really good at can actually make you a decent living.

I wish I could help, so here I am because, believe it or not, I actually care about you in a deep, genuine and truly human way. The older I get and the more I learn I realize we are all so similar it’s beyond hilarious. I’m not sure why it has taken us this long to figure out communication but with the internet we are getting very close. We are talking to the world with every moment of our lives and it’s our responsibility to build our lives into the greatest masterpiece possible! As far as we know, this is the life we are given.

Choose to take on each new goal and create a systematic way of making each and every goal a future reality! Add immense detail to your life every year beginning now and have fun creating and living consistently as you achieve your dream every day with your Personal Goal System!

As this is my first blog post, if something I write resonates with you, please feel free to share this article with your family and friends by using the Social Media ‘Sharing’ Buttons and leave a comment bellow with additional thoughts.

All input is highly appreciated!


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8 thoughts on “The Year To Get On Track Using Goal Systems”

  1. This is a well-written and thought-provoking article about the importance of personal development and goal achievement in life. It underscores the reality that there is no standing still in life and that we are either progressing or digressing, in all the key areas of life, whether by our action or inaction. I look forward to seeing more great content on this site and putting the ideas to work in my own life!

  2. I absolutely loved reading this article and look forward to implementing these steps into my life. 2018 is ging to be a year of change for me. Thank you Michael! You are inspiring!

  3. I can understand what you are fundamentally saying, I can understand the importance of verbs of action. But, the underlay, if there is a solution, is just thinking about “do I have to get out of my comfortable recliner?

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read the article.
      To answer your question, ‘do you have to get out of your comfortable recliner’ it just depends on what your personal goals and incentives are.
      If you have a goal to create an amazing business but don’t want to get out of your comfortable recliner you can easily build a business from where you are sitting using a laptop.
      If you have a goal to become physically healthy and fit you can begin eating healthier while sitting. You would eventually need to stand up and add some movement during the day to become physically fit.
      It just comes down to what you want to see happen in life and then creating the motivation necessary to get you out of that ‘comfortable recliner.’
      Hope that helps.
      Thanks again for reading Kenny!

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